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  Ozone multipurpose sterilizer

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  ozone purifier -Remote Control for home

  OZ series ozone  generator

  SOZ series strong    ozone generator

  Integrated ozone - oxygen generator

  PSA oxygen generator

  High concentration ozone water generator

  SOZ-HSAquaculture sterilizing - oxygen feeding equipment

  Wall hung type air sterilizer

  perpendicularity type air sterilizer

  L series small ozone generator

  Dispenser quick sterilizer

  The newest product -- Ozone water strong mixer

  AOW series automatic air dryer

  ADW series no heat regenerating PSA air dryer

  Other components equipments



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ADW series no heat regenerating PSA air dryer


Ⅰ、Working Principle:
Based on the principle of transforming and adsorbing, regenerating and recycling,the apyrexia regenative transforming and adsorbing drier make the desiccant to adsorb by using the self-heat from the pressure of the system then disengage its adsorption by switch to the atmospheric pressure and elicit 10—15% of desiccate gas to regenerate the desiccant from the exist of the drier once more. The alternation of air compression
flow through two adsorbing tower, when one of the adsorbing tower is in the condition of high pressure, the desiccant will absorb plenty of water, and the other adsorbing tower will indraught the desiccated low pressure gas from the regenerated windpipe so as to parse the water from the desiccant absorbed then supplied the gas point with  the desiccated compress air.
Ⅱ、 Main Characteristic
   1. Logical simple design ensures the contacting time of the compress air and the desiccant bed, and satisfies the demand of the finished gas.
   2. The 30% of the desiccant is used to compensate the natural aging of the desiccant, so as to ensure the life-span of the desiccant can be extended.
   3. The diffusing equipment has been designed uniquely, it ensure the airflow flow to the desiccant layer equably, avoiding from converging.
   4. Unique design of the rotor, conserving 95% of the adsorbing heat, which is  used to raise the regenerative temperature of the regenerated stage, and then the adsorbing ability of the equipment can be enhanced so as to regenerate downright.
   5. Desiccation and regeneration adopt reversing convection, the best effects comes out when the wet air go through the dried adsorbing sorbent.
   6. Logical size of the rotor makes the speed and the time of the air in groove  when passing the desiccant layer and it also exert the capability of the desiccant.
   7. The system was set logically, before the air flow to the rotor, it had been gotten rid of by the high efficiency degreasing, then the oil and the contamination  can be dealt with immediately. So the desiccant layer will not be polluted.
   8. The design of time switching is so logically that the export pressure can be  ensure to be stable and not fluctuate.


Ⅲ、Technique and connection:

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