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 Ozone multipurpose sterilizer

 Ozone water washing machine

  Car air purifier

 ozone purifier -Remote Control for home

  OZ series ozone        generator

  SOZ series strong    ozone generator

  Integrated ozone - oxygen generator

  PSA oxygen generator

  High concentration ozone water generator

  SOZ-HSAquaculture sterilizing - oxygen feeding equipment

  Wall hung type air sterilizer

  perpendicularity type air sterilizer

  L series small ozone generator

  Dispenser quick sterilizer

  The newest product -- Ozone water strong mixer

  AOW series automatic air dryer

  ADW series no heat regenerating PSA air dryer

  Other components equipments



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 OZ series ozone generator


    This series of Ozone generator apply transistor gate inverting technology.Discharging room is consisted of non-hydroxide crystal tube. There are special designs to avoid water return. we apply module design technology on electric board and choose good anti-oxidation components for pipes、connectors and other parts. These keep OZ series to be long life、big discharge area、low working  temperature and high Ozone concentration.
   Ⅰ、 Features:
    1、Air cooling,adjustable Ozone output.
    2、Special design to avoid water return.
    3、Long life discharge cell, continuous running.
    4、Stainless steel casing.
    5、Two type gas source: compressed air or oxygen.
   Ⅱ、 Components:
    Discharge cell、stainless casing、60L air compressor、current meter、150 fan
   Ⅲ、 Product series:
   Ⅳ、Data、diagram: (Mark:the specification and picture maybe changed)

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