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Product List  

  Ozone multipurpose sterilizer

  Ozone water washing machine

  Car air purifier

  ozone purifier -Remote Control for home

  OZ series ozone  generator

  SOZ series strong    ozone generator

  Integrated ozone - oxygen generator

  PSA oxygen generator

  High concentration ozone water generator

  SOZ-HSAquaculture sterilizing - oxygen feeding equipment

  Wall hung type air sterilizer

  perpendicularity type air sterilizer

  L series small ozone generator

  Dispenser quick sterilizer

  The newest product -- Ozone water strong mixer

  AOW series automatic air dryer

  ADW series no heat regenerating PSA air dryer

  Other components equipments



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The newest product -- Ozone water strong mixer


There are number of different ways how to mix ozone (gas) into water (liquid).
The difference between these different mixing processes is mainly reflected in:

Ⅰ、Diffusing ozone via air stone or any other porous material (aquariums).

Ⅱ、Using injector (ventury) - a special design "T" in witch water rushing trough the straight part of the "T" creates a suction in the 3rd port trough ozone is introduced. Mixing process utilizing injector is far more effective then A & B, however additional pump is usually used to deliver the energy for water flow and pressure needed for correct operation of injector. Needless to say, injectors are  produced from different materials in  different sizes.

1、 Plastic injector(for ozone and water mixing)
   Stoutness, ozone resistant Kynar,PVDF material,small specs,use convenience


2、Strong mixer for gas and water---(stainless steel)


Ⅲ、Gas- liquid mixing pump

Ⅳ、High efficiency mixing tank----perfect mixing method. applied for CoCa and etc. big company.
As with the same ozone generator, this kind mixing tank keep a high ozone water mixing ratio ozone concetration  can be up to 10ppm.
  Diameter is 600mm, 800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,, H=2500mm, stainless steel is 304,(316 optional), thickness is more than 2.5mm.
   Mixing tank water inlet and outlet is DN50-DN200, auto air outlet is 1/2”.




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