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   High concentration ozone water generator    


    The cycle water’s concentration can keep at up to 10ppm, normal status is 5ppm.
    The ozone water has super ability to kill bacillus.
Ⅰ、Function and purpose:
    1、Sterilization:such as disinfection the primary material for food productsfactory and pharmaceutical factory and marine product factory .
    2、 Reduce the toxicity of pesticide residue: for food and beverage
    3、Water treatment :for prevent the algae and sewage disposal
    4、Keep food fresh: popularly applied for refrigeration room, food factory, livestock butcher factory.
    5、Cleaning:wash clothes for hotel, hospital, sauna room,pharmaceutical factory, food factory.Clean public、toliet and so on .
Ⅱ、Operating principle:
    1、The generator including the Ozone generator and Oxygen generator. Hight Voltage electrical source, the pump mix water and gas. Generator split the water and gas. Control system.
    2、The equipment use the High concentration Oxygen as a source. through  frequency conversion product the Ozone then use the Ozone’s oxidizability to  disinfect and reduce the toxicity of pesticide residue.
    3、the Oxygen generator is made in America.By changing adsorbing pressure(PSA), oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonous substance in air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard. Then  dissolve the Ozone to the water by the pump, so get the high concentration ozone   water.
Ⅲ、Specification: (if need High concentration Ozone water generator below 1.5T/H  could choose mixture tin efficiency of our company.can produce 0~200T/H)


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